How message maps help spokespeople prepare for media interviews

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Message maps are essential tools for spokespeople who need to prepare for media interviews. Spokespeople do well to carefully prepare the messages they want to convey in their media interviews in advance. If they fail to do so, the success of their media performance becomes dependent on the journalist asking the “right” questions, a strategy […]

Detavernier hosts open media training at FINTECH BELGIUM

Fintech Belgium

FINTECH BELGIUM welcomes Jo Detavernier for a remote open media training on March 2nd. The content of this evidence-based media training has been developed through an exclusive collaboration with Communication Science Group. The training will take 75 minutes and will consist of: Anyone interested can register on this page.

Detavernier and CSG work on an evidence-based media training

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Detavernier Strategic Communication and Communication Science Group (CSG) are developing an evidence-based media training module together. More often than not, what executives learn in media training sessions about verbal and non-verbal delivery will for a variety of reasons be based no more than partially (if at all) on empirical research. Trainees will be told that […]

Virtual media training on June 4

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A new, unique online session will teach participants evidence-based media interview preparation and delivery techniques. In the 1 hour long online training session Jo Detavernier will explain in clear terms and offer examples and demonstrations on Among the delivery techniques that will be taught are bridging, flagging and headlining. Participants will also hear how they […]