Detavernier and CSG work on an evidence-based media training

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Detavernier Strategic Communication and Communication Science Group (CSG) are developing an evidence-based media training module together.

More often than not, what executives learn in media training sessions about verbal and non-verbal delivery will for a variety of reasons be based no more than partially (if at all) on empirical research. Trainees will be told that they can not express themselves in negations for example, that they need to repeat messages a magical three times or even that the words they use account for no less than eight percent (!) of the impact of their communication.

Jo Detavernier has been rigorously filtering out all non evidence-based content from his workshops over the last few years, but is now taking things a step further. Detavernier Strategic Communication has entered into a collaboration agreement with Communication Science Group for the development of a one-of-its-kind evidence-based media training module. 

Communication Science Group is a UK-based consulting agency that makes available academic thinkers in applied behavioral science to help marketers and communications professionals become more scientifically grounded. The agency was founded and is led by Richard Chataway, who is one of the most experienced practitioners in behavior change communications in the United Kingdom and has worked for the UK and Australian governments in public health comms. Richard is also the author of the recently published The Behaviour Business (Harriman House) and is a Member of the Board of the Association for Business Psychology.

The module will be in development during the month of July 2020 and will be available exclusively for trainees of Detavernier Strategic Communication from August 2020 on. The content will be taught through both the existing remote and on-site training formats. 

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