Virtual media training on June 4

media interview

A new, unique online session will teach participants evidence-based media interview preparation and delivery techniques.

In the 1 hour long online training session Jo Detavernier will explain in clear terms and offer examples and demonstrations on

  • how spokespeople should prepare for media interviews (15%)
  • what the key media interview delivery techniques look like (80%)
  • how interviewees should follow up with the journalist (5%)

Among the delivery techniques that will be taught are bridging, flagging and headlining. Participants will also hear how they need to best prepare and structure their messaging, how the media works (news value, attribution, exclusivities etc.) and what to do once the interview takes place.

Special attention will be given to message development and delivery techniques that are ‘evidence-based’ meaning that psychological research has validated the techniques as being efficient.

After the session, the participants will receive a video recording of the session that will not be made public to anyone else .

Ten percent of the proceeds will be donated to Bookspring, an Austin, TX based non-profit that makes slightly used childrens books freely available to low-income children in central Texas.

TO REGISTER: click on this link to the Eventbrite page.

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