Detavernier partners up with Expandify


Detavernier Strategic Communication will provide exclusive content to Expandify’s Make it Big in the USA program. Agency clients can participate at a discount.

The Menlo Park, CA based Expandify counsels European companies on their go-to-market strategy in the United States. Expandify is led by Sophie Boutelegier who recently gave us this interview.

The Make it Big in the USA program is a 3-month program in which businesses are guided through the 9 steps they need in order to succeed in the American market. Entrepreneurs and marketing managers will learn how to prepare the business, build a powerful expansion strategy and implement their strategy in a fast and efficient way.

Detavernier Strategic Communication provides exclusive content to the program on how companies can promote their products and services in the American market. Our clients are also offered a discount off the regular price.

The first cycle is scheduled to start on May 4.

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