Jo Detavernier has been a regular guest on the speaking circuit since he arrived in Texas in 2015. Jo can be booked to give any of the three lectures presented hereunder. All lectures are available to be given on-site in Texas.

In this lecture, Jo offers an overview of where we stand with the scientific research on efficient crisis communication and what nascent fields of scientific inquiry are poised to further expand our knowledge further in the years to come. Jo explains well researched crisis communication theories such as Situational Crisis Communication Theory and Stealing Thunder, and he elaborates on how practitioners can use these insights in their daily practice. 

Target audience: Mid-level and senior professionals
Duration: 75 minutes

How can you possibly be making the right decisions based on your PR measurements if… you might be measuring the wrong things to begin with? In this lecture, Jo presents a methodology through which practitioners can choose the right objectives and KPIs for every media campaign they run. Jo explains all key measurement concepts practitioners need to master (leading versus trailing indicators, input versus output metrics, etc.) and connects all these concepts together in an easy to digest and comprehensible manner.

Target audience: Junior and mid-level professionals

Duration: 60 minutes


Chat GPT took over the communication world by storm in 2023 and PR teams are only now starting to take the first careful steps in experimenting with how Chat GPT can help them run successful B2B PR campaigns. In this lecture, Jo explains the different ways PR teams can make good use of Chat GPT in how they research, plan for and execute their B2B thought leadership campaigns, and the pitfalls PR teams must seek to avoid.

Target audience: Mid-level and senior professionals
Duration: 75 minutes

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