Detavernier hosts open media training at FINTECH BELGIUM

Fintech Belgium

FINTECH BELGIUM welcomes Jo Detavernier for a remote open media training on March 2nd.

The content of this evidence-based media training has been developed through an exclusive collaboration with Communication Science Group.

The training will take 75 minutes and will consist of:

  • a look at what the media wants: news value, “desk opinion” and media coverage as a product
  • a look at the Belgian media market (with a special focus on fintech)
  • parenthesis: preparing for media relations abroad
  • preparing for media interviews: message maps, Q&As and “tough questions”
  • evidence-based techniques for designing and delivering messages during a media interview with among others attention for headlining, flagging and bridging
  • one tailor made mock interview with a spokesperson
  • unwritten “rules” concerning attribution, scoops and exclusives
  • following up after media interviews

Anyone interested can register on this page.

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