Webinar: Introduction to American tech media relations


On March 25th, Detavernier will host a webinar on American tech media relations with as a special guest Omar Gallaga (WSJ, CNN, Washington Post, NPR).

The webinar will focus on how European tech companies can be successful building their brands and activating demand through media relations on the American market. It is suited for entrepreneurs, marketing managers and PR managers. Topics that will be covered are:

  • The American tech media landscape
  • The American tech media relations toolbox
  • Crafting and pitching stories to American tech media
  • B2B thought leadership in American tech media
  • B2C product pr in American tech media
  • Media relations in times of COVID-19
  • Preparing and giving media interviews
  • Picking the PR tech stack
  • Sourcing consultancy services on the American market

SPECIAL GUEST Omar Gallaga (WSJ, CNN, NPR, Washington Post) will share his thoughts and experiences receiving media pitches on “the other side” and will be available to answer questions during a 15 min AMA session.

No public recording will be made available afterwards to anyone who has not registered.

To register, visit this page.

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