Jo Detavernier will be a guest lecturer at Let’s Talk Science


Jo Detavernier will be a speaker at this year’s Lets Talk Science summer school.

Let’s Talk Science is an annual event at which Flemish universities and non-university institutes of higher education help their researchers hone their communicate skills. This year, event takes place from 4 to 6 July and is hosted by the Ghent University.

Jo Detavernier’s lecture will be titled “A media relations survival kit for researchers” – Jo will give the lecture on 6 Juli at 02:00 PM CET.

In the workshop, students will gain insights into:

  • how media organizations produce content;
  • what journalists care for in a story (what constitutes “news?”);
  • how one can best prepare for interviews;
  • what delivery techniques matter the most;
  • how researchers can communicate clearly to a non-academic audience;
  • what to pay attention to when giving tv, radio, print interviews;
  • the written and unwritten laws on attribution and exclusivity;
  • how researchers can work efficiently with professional communicators in their organization;
  • how to correct course when interviews go wrong.

Photo by National Cancer Institute on Unsplash.

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